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phone +386 1 3673 103
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phone +386 1 3673 103
Despite being small, the house is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.
The entire ground floor is furnished as a daily living space. The kitchen area combines modern appliances with a wood furnace that provides additional heating for the ground floor and enables the preparation of old and traditional cuisine.

The centre of the room is the corner dining area, furnished with a traditional solid wooden table, chairs and a bench.

The sofa for reading and resting is somewhat separated. A small library and games are within reach. A wireless internet connection is available in the house and its immediate vicinity. 

Shelves for clothing and a storage area are located in the stairway niche.

The bathroom is separated with a vestibule entrance.

Being an uniform space, the attic living area enables several possible bedding arrangements.

On one side of the house, there is a balcony protected from the rain by an overhang roof. The balcony offers an amazing view of the gorge's forested slope and rock brow, which can be relished in either from the comfort of the wooden loungers, or during a work out on the exercise bike. On the other side of the house, all it takes is a step over the window shelf to reach a wooden terrace that can be used as a place where you can exercise, socialize or meditate. From the terrace, you may go for a ramble around the meadow or the vast garden.
The spacious garden gives additional meaning to the house. This grassy clearing in the middle of the forest provides the space needed to socialize or spend some time in seclusion.

In front of the house, there is a sandy atrium with a large wooden terrace, decorated with magnolia and bamboo. The atrium is shared with the hosts' house. The property provides table tennis equipment and a boules set. The terrace can also be used as a stage and the performers will be encouraged from the sandy stalls. Kids of all ages will be completely safe while playing in the garden.

On the more private side of the house, there is an outdoor dining area, placed on the grass. Food can be handed over through the window, or, if preferred, a barbecue can be placed in the garden.

An even more natural atmosphere can be obtained under the beech tree, where there is a forest fireplace intended for roasting corn, potatoes or chestnuts, depending on the season. In the vicinity, there is an ecological vegetable garden with spices, herbs and vegetables, shared with the housekeeper.

The garden extends into the forested slope of Mount Krim, where you can really relish in the silence. On its lower side, the garden descends to the playful river Iška, which provides splendid refreshment during the summer.

A sandy road leading to the property ends with two parking spaces. When there is no snow, the parking space at the top of the slope, which is in the shadow of the forest, should be used. However, in winter, it is easier to use the flat parking spaces next to the house.

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